Friday, December 19, 2014

Physiology of the Penis part 2

Resolution- This is when the body returns to normal after orgasm. A fine perspiration may cover the body. The penis becomes flaccid in two stages: partial erection is lost immediately,the remainder is lost gradually, possibly over several minutes.

Hypersensitivity of the penis decrease gradually though some men may find any touch or ongoing thrusting very uncomfortable for some time After a strong orgasm the penis may spontaneously jerk for a minute or two. The scrotum thin and the testes descend and return to normal size. Breathing heart rate and blood pressure return to normal and muscles relax. Continued stimulation may prevent full loss of erection, or resumed stimulation may result in a new erection,but there is period of time known as the refractory period during which it is impossible to have another ejaculation. Even if another erection is achieved. The refractory period ranges from minutes to hours or even a day or more. As a man ages his refractory period increases,but two men the same age can have vastly different refractory period.

B). Penis Size & Different.

Penis size is important if and only if you think ht is. Most men have no ldea of how big- or small-theiq engines really are- ln fact, the average man thinks that his penis is below average. So sex health clinic decided to help shed some light into the whole average penis size mystery.

Every man is unique in his own way,including his penis size. Some men are long and thin.
While others are wide and short,and some lucky ones-according to some women- are both long and large. But how do you know where do you stand? How do you compare to the average man!
Take a few minutes in the bathroom to look at what you've got. Is it wide? Long? Short?

Don't ever compare yourself by checking out what the guys in the gym locker room have, or a big penis by a porn Actor that you watched in a film,as it is quite useless. Instead,take a measuring tape and calculate the length,girth,and erection angle of the enis. After you measured yourself you can compare your answers with the average ,big,or biger penis.

But Does Size Truly Matter!

What is the size of a big penis and do most guys have big penis? These are some question that run through most men's minds. Because 95% of men Have Average penis size while the reaming 5% have mini,small and bigger size. For Men, a big penis is an ego boost and increases confidence in satisfying their partner.

So follow me to find out the ideal size of a big penis.
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