Monday, March 22, 2010

Stress diet

Sometimes you can fight stress and fatigue from a healthy diet, just a menu made of protein, essential minerals such as iron, zinc and copper, and essential fatty acids, to get into a higher gear and be in better shape.

Minerals are essential to vitality and good humor
Tiredness, fatigue and increased susceptibility to ailments associated with colds, difficulty concentrating, nervousness and constant mood swings: all symptoms that often depend on a lack of essential minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, an essential mix can deeply nourish each tissue, enhance immunity and restore vitality and good humor. And to get your fill of minerals is sufficient to carefully choose the right foods.

Iron and copper have energy
Iron is essential to health and is found in foods in two distinct forms. Red meat and white, liver and fish and shellfish contain it in an easily assimilable and therefore are the best foods to consume. Iron Arm Ferropresente in eggs, milk and cheese is rather difficult to use and therefore less effective. The recommended ration of iron is 10 milligrams for adult men and 18 mg for women of childbearing age.

Although copper plays an essential role for the proper functioning of the body. Its action is important for the mineralization of the skeleton and the formation of red blood cells, as it is involved in iron metabolism and energy production. That is its lack causes fatigue and other symptoms similar to those caused by lack of iron. This mineral is present in meat, liver, nuts, mushrooms and vegetables.

Zinc for the immune
Present mainly in meat, fish, eggs, walnuts and oysters, zinc is a mineral that helps strengthen the body's defense system and increase resistance to attack by germs and bacteria. It is excellent to fight fatigue and acts positively on the nervous system. In addition regulates thyroid activity and slows the oxidation of tissues.

Foods that should always be
To keep fit, relieve stress and ailments caused by a immune systems, the table should never miss some foods.

* Eating the fish is a food pescel really important to feel on top both from the point of view of the line from the point of view-being. They are ideal fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, but all are valid. The shellfish are also an excellent source of minerals and B vitamins, essential for energy production.
* The nuts add good health and good taste thanks to the presence of minerals and vitamins. In addition it helps to fight cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity.
* All vegetables are great to satisfy and reduce the absorption of fat and most are easily digestible, contrast also anemia and fatigue.

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