Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brilliant mind

Putting the brain seems to be fine art, which depends on our choices. We see then what to do and what to avoid to have a sharp mind and brilliant.

If you really want to train your brain, then forget sudoku and crosswords, but eating chocolate, you do a lot of sex and follow the example of Scandinavian people who eat meat and cold cuts for breakfast. Avoid this instead: soap opera, constantly complaining, whining people attend. These are some of the recommendations suggested by American researchers, Terry Home and Simon Wooton, to stimulate the brain to function optimally.

Everything depends on our choices
For years it was thought that the cognitive abilities of the brain were genetically determined, whereas it is now clear that depend on the choices of life: what we eat, drink, how we learn at school are all crucial factors. So people can make lifestyle choices that are not only able to prevent what is seen as an inevitable decline after 17 years, but also to steadily increase their cognitive abilities during the whole of their lives as adults.

Chocolate prevents aging and fats are healthy
Addition, these researchers sing the praises of the beneficial properties of chocolate, which contains useful substances such as magnesium, flavonoids and theobromine. The first is to oxygenate the brain, while others prevent aging. Eating a couple of cubes of chocolate a day finger cioccolatosarebbe then a real cure to stay young in body and mind.
What about fatty foods that are often banned from the diet? to work best the brain needs omega 3 and omega 6, found in fatty acids. Without them you may suffer loss of memory.

Laughter is good for the brain
Laughter is beneLa happiness and optimism help the brain that makes us give socialize, have a sense of humor, avoid those who are always complaining and negativity of life. This is the first step! But the authors warn not to relentlessly searching for the perfect happiness, much better known as Bliss: Body pleasure (pleasure of the body), laughter (laughter), Involvment (involvement), Satisfaction (satisfaction) and Sex (sex), all of which help the brain to think better.

For those wishing to go into that can read Teach Yourself: Training Your Brain (or "Teach Yourself: train your brain"), which promises to become a best seller, if only for the sensational revelations. In the book, a collection of scientific articles, the two authors explain that the choices of life are crucial to keep in good shape mentally.

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