Thursday, September 3, 2009

Make Yourself Frugally Fabulous

Sick of forking out a fortune for the latest “it” skin creams and cosmetics only to find they don’t do what they say on the tin and don’t last you five minutes? I’m going to let you in something very special… Top secret tips for being blimmin beautiful on a budget…Sssshhh…

Terrific Tootsies
Are your feet like sand paper? Could you do with polyfiller for the cracks in your heels? Do you not dare to bare them? Here’s a super secret for your tired trotters. Before bed, coat your feet in a thin layer of petroleum jelly, massage it in well making sure your heels, toenails and cuticles are well covered. Put on some snuggly thick socks, climb into bed, head off to the land of nod to dream sweet dreams, then in the morning peel off the socks and voila! Fabulous feet! Baby soft and glowing. It’s a pedicure for lazy girls.

Sugar Sugar
If your elbows and knees are as rough as the side of a match box but you can’t afford a salon bodyscrub then create your own at home. Mix olive oil with salt until it forms a liquidy paste. Stand on a towel and rub it onto your body in a circular motion - make sure you use this DRY! If you use it with water the salt will simply dissolve. Focus on your bum, knees, elbows and backs of your arms but go easy on delicate areas like your decolletage. Don’t use this on your face as it’s not really gentle enough. Rub it in gently (you need to nurture your skin!) and then get into a warm shower to rinse it off. You’ll be slippy so be careful! Pat yourself dry and your fabulous bod will be revealed. Your dead skin cells will be sloughed away by the salt and the skin undeneath will be glowing and hydrated because of the olive oil, your circulation will be boosted. If you’d like to make this more of a luxurious treat, you could mix a few drops of lavender oil into the scrub to scent it and relax you.

Fabulous Fizzog
When your skin is under the weather, it doesn’t matter how much expensive make up your cake on, you’ll still look pants. So give your skin a well earned treat. You don’t need salon facials to give your face a boost, you just need a toothbrush and some petroleum jelly! Clean your skin so that it is make up and muck free then apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Spread it all over your face making sure you’ve a good layer on your forehead, lips and cheeks but avoid your delicate eye area. Then with a clean toothbrush, gently brush your skin in circular motions over the petrolsum jelly. Cover all areas bar your eye area but obviously be sensible and don’t scrub too long or your skin will get sore. As you brush your circulation will be boosted, your dead skin cells removed and your skin moisturised by the jelly. When you’ve finished brushing, rinse thoroughly will warm (but not hot) water and pat dry with a towel. Your fine lines will be diminished, your lips will be luscious, your cheeks will be rosy and your fizzog will be fabulous!

Classy Cleopatra
There are few things more indulgent than a candle-lit bath, fragrant with ridiculously expensive bath oil. If you’d like the indulgence without the high price tag then this is a secret for you. Light a tea light, put on some soothing music and run yourself a bath. As the water is running, throw in a couple of handfuls of powdered milk and a few drops of lavender oil. Swoosh it around the bath and when the bath is run, ease yourself into it and relax. Lavender oil is a calming, healing oil so the gentle fragrance will have you on cloud nine while the powdered milk nourishes your tired skin. Soak your troubles away and when you emerge your skin will be soft and gently scented, your soul will be soothed.

Spot soother
There’s no need to splurge on expensive skin treatments for troublesome spots. If you sense you have a new spot brewing with the ferocity of Mount Etna, firstly follow the golden rule for spectacular skin…Be gentle, keep it clean, nourish it, don’t hurt it with harsh creams, you’ll over stimulate it and start a vicious circle of it being too dry and too greasy. Just keep it clean, moisturise lightly and to take your spot coat a cotton bud with neat tea tree oil and apply it to the spot. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, it will dry the spot without making it sore and it costs only a few pounds for a bottle which will last you ages.

Happy Hands
If your nails are stained from too many coats of polish and too few layers of base coat then try this. Fill a large bowl with warm water, a teaspoon of olive oil and a good few drops of lemon juice. Pop your finger tips into the bowl and relax for ten minutes or so as they soak. The lemon juice helps to remove the stains from your nails while the olive oil nourishes your cuticles. When soaked, take your fingers out of the bowl and give them a good rinse then pat dry. Pop a couple of drops of olive oil onto your hands and massage it in well, making sure you rub it well into your nails and cuticles. They may feel a little greasy so wrap them in a towel and chill for a few minutes as the oil is absorbed into your skin. The result - soothed skin, clean nails and happy hands.

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