Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Natural Oils Remedies

Remedial Oils for Better Living

A list of oils to use for better living and for certain illnesses.
Antiseptic wash for cuts and abrasions:

    * Lavender 5 drops
    * Eucalyptus 5 drops
    * Tea tree 5 drops
    * Carrier oil 2 teaspoons

Arthritis and rheumatism may be affected by many factors. Stress reduction and diet can reduce pain and help in the elimination of toxins in the bloodstream.

Two bath formulas to detoxify the body
# Lavender 3 drops
# Marjoram 2 drops
# Juniper 2 drops
# Petigrain 3 drops
Massage formulas for relief
# Cypress 3 drops
# Lavender 3 drops
# Carrier oil 2 teaspoons

is a combination of a build up of toxins and water retention in the fatty tissue. A comprehensive approach includes a cleansing diet and exercise, massage and the use of essential oils. For the cleansing diet see a nutritionist or naturopath. Improve your circulation with exercise. Massage with essential oils helps to reduce the fatty tissue by improving circulation and encouraging the elimination of water. Self massage is an excellent method.
# Juniper 5 drops
# Rosemary 5 drops
# Cypress 5 drops
# Carrier oil 3.5 teaspoons

Colds Need Rest
Nutritious food and a lot of hot liquids to drink. At the first sign of a cold, burn each of eucalyptus, pine and clove in a vaporizer. For a stuffed head and sore nose add the following to a vaporizer or bowl of hot water:
# Lavender 2 drops
# Eucalyptus 2 drops

Depression is a condition which can be relieved with some essential oil formulas. Depression and apathy can be soothed with:
# Rosemary 2 drops
# Petigrain 2 drops
# Bergamot 2 drops
# Carrier oil 2 teaspoons
Facial oil, a general cleanser
# Lavender 2 drops
# Petigrain 1 drop
# Carrier oil 3 teaspoons


Massage over abdomen between cycles.
# Lavender 2 drops
# Cypress 1 drop
# Sweet almond oil 1 teaspoon

Room freshener
Blend equal parts of Lavender and Bergamot in a vaporizer.

Acne lotion
# Lavender 2 drops
# Geranium 1 drop
# Tea tree 2 drops
# Sweet almond oil 3 teaspoons

Oily Skin
# Lavender 2 drops
# Geranium 1 drop
# Almond oil 2 teaspoons

Dry Skin
Your carrier or base oil will need to be more moisturizing.
# Lavender 2 drops
# Geranium 1 drop
# Sandalwood 1 drop
# Carrier oil 2 teaspoons

Mature Skin
Where the skin is dry, dull and less elastic with age, use a facial massage to stimulate circulation. Use a nourishing and rich carrier oil.
# Rose 2 drops
# Neroli 2 drops
# Frankincense 1 drop
# Carrier oil 2 teaspoons

Tiredness and irritability
Is relieved with the following burned in a vaporizer or used as a massage oil:
# Lavender 2 drops
# Petigrain 2 drops
# Rosewood 2 drops

Varicose veins should not be massage vigorously. Go to a medical practitioner for advice on exercise and diet. For a gentle massage to this area:
# Cypress 4 drops
# Geranium 2 drops
# Carrier oil 2 teaspoons

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