Monday, June 20, 2011

way to Live Longer

Ever since I was a child,I have always been creating thoughts from observation made and finding time to ponder on those thoughts until I get some satisfactory answers.

One of my most disturbing thoughts makes me ask these questions:Why do people of old live longer than those of our present generation?,Why do you hear of oldmen who “sleep in the lord”when dead while the usual case for a fifty or even forty-year-old man is he died of brief illness or fatal accident?,Why is it that in those days one can live as long as nine hundred(900) years while today nobody reaches three hundred years of age?

I have given it a lot of thoughts and I have come to realise that we humans contribute immersely to our shorter life span.Think about it,in those days there was nothing like automobiles,combustion engines e.t.c that releases pollutants like carbonmonoxide(CO), sulphur(IV)oxide gases to the atmosphere which when taken in every minute we breathe our air,causes slight or sometimes severe damages to the various parts of our body both internally and externally.

Modern drugs treat people’s illnesses but they always come with various side effects.In those days,these same illnesses could be treated with herbal medication with very little
or no side effects.

The advent of electricity and communication technology is not left out in this.If you mistakenly mishandle a working electrical gadget or a high tension wire with electricity flowing through it,you get shocked and you might die in the process.Do you know that your mobile phone emit radiation that can be harmful to you when making or receiveing phone calls.People of old didn’t need to go through all that which made them live longer. Shortage of time and space will not allow me to give details or even list these harzards because the list is endless.(oh! I forgot to mention nuclear energy disaster).

Now that you know these things or they have been brought to your mind,dont you think you need to have a rethink of some of the daily activities you do that might hamper long life.Minding the way you use your cell phone,I think,is a good idea because prolonging your life is a good idea.You should not just say because you have a lot of business calls,you use the phone anyhow.Afterall “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul”-Jesus.One should always try to avoid contact with pollutants in the air trying not to breathe in any of those dangerous gases.The most efficient way of ensuring longevity is to take care of your health.There are various methods of maintaining very good health conditions.For instance ,waking up in the morning to have a nice glass of lime juice(on empty stomach of course) and go exercise.This works because lime contains citric acid which deactives those disease causing organisms in the body when they are not feeding ,hence the need to drink on empty stomach.Dieting is not left out in this.Avoiding red wine or meat,cholestro and other organically altered foods and drinks.It pays to always depend on natural foods that are cooked in ordinary ways.A very important point I want to talk about is we should try to reduce our over dependence on on modern medicine because of their side effects but focus on the use of herbs.Yes herbs.Do you know that some of the illnesses you complain about everyday can be cured perfectly with simple herbs?.Dont believe me then try this:I know that you depend on always for your frequent headaches despite its side effects,well add a level table spoon of salt to coconut juice,a quantity that come from three coconut ,drink all at once and see yourself getting in next few minutes.Are you having any type of pain?.Just sqeeze some paw-paw leaves with some water and filter it.Take one shot twice daily (morning and night) until the pain is gone.There are many illnesses that can be cured with herbs.May be in my next article I will talk about some of them.

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