Monday, March 5, 2012

With age you Sleep Better

According to a survey, sleep quality improves with time.
Self-reported sleep quality improvement throughout life.
Women recognize more sleep problems and daytime sleepiness.

Another truism that science denies. It is thought that with age you sleep worse, but it is not . At least, according to a study by the University of Pennsylvania (USA). People over 80 years less complain of not being able to sleep According to a survey of 150,000 Americans by these researchers, aging does not appear to be a factor risk for poor sleep. In fact, the subjective perception of sleep quality seems to improve throughout life, as people who have reached the 80 is less than the rest complain of being unable to sleep. The survey , published this month in Sleep , asked participants about sleep problems and daytime sleepiness , taking into account factors such as race, income, mood or overall health, found that health problems and depression were associated with poor sleep.

Slight increase in median age
The women recognized have poorer sleep and daytime sleepiness than men. Taking into account age, except for a rebound in sleep problems in middle age (more pronounced in women than in men), sleep quality improved consistently over time. The feeling on sleep improvement with age for the study leader Michael Grandner, "the results of its work force to rethink everything we know right now about sleep in the elderly, both men and women," because the original idea of this research was demonstrate, on a large sample, you sleep worse with age . "Even if sleep among the elderly was actually worse than young adults, the feelings about this situation improves with age, "said Grandner. 


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