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After laundry them well, dry them totally and apply talcum powder. If you wear closed shoes, talcum powder are often sprinkled within the shoes. However, within the hot season, slippers and open sandals are best, as they permit most ventilation and facilitate the perspiration to evaporate. But, open footwear attracts dirt and thus, foot hygiene becomes all the additional necessary. when a hot day, soak your feet in cold water, to that some salt has been added.

Athlete's Foot
A foot downside known as "Athlete's Foot" develops additional simply throughout hot and humid weather, as a result of it thrives on soggy (wet) skin. If neglected, it will become a stubborn downside, with an itchy and soggy condition. Athlete's foot starts as a fungus infection. So, if there's dry scaling on the feet, particularly between the toes, with some itching, take care to consult a dermatologist immediately. Anti-fungal preparations are effective in handling the matter within the initial stages. However, excessive moisture, caused by excessive sweating, tight shoes and humid weather will result in bacterial activity and this worsens the condition. Avoid socks and wear open shoes, use talcum powder and keep the feet as dry as attainable. In fact, throughout the new and humid season, the feet ought to be exposed to the air the maximum amount as attainable.

Weekly pedicures facilitate to stay the feet and nails clean and stop fungal infections, specially in hot and humid weather.

Home remedies for summer foot care:
Foot Soak: In one-fourth bucket of heat water, add 0.5 cup of coarse salt and ten drops of lemon, or orange essential oil (if you can't get essential oil, use 0.5 cup of lemon or orange juice). If your feet tend to sweat lots, use some drops of tea tree oil, because it has germicidal properties. It helps to contend with dangerous odour. Soak the feet for ten to fifteen minutes.

Foot Lotion: combine along three tablespoons of rose water, a pair of tablespoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon pure glycerin. Apply on feet and leave on for 0.5 an hour.

Foot look after Summer Dryness: In one-fourth bucket cold water, place a pair of tablespoons honey, one tablespoon herbal shampoo, one tablespoon almond oil. Soak feet in it for twenty minutes.

Cooling foot bath: Add rose water, lemon juice and a splash of eau de cologne in cold water and soak feet in it. Cools, cleans and removes odour.

 Cooling Massage Oil: Take a hundred ml olive oil and add a pair of drops eucalyptus oil, a pair of drops rosemary oil and three drops khus, or rose oil. combine along and keep in airtight glass jar. Use a trifle of this for foot massage. It cools and protects the skin.

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