Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How much water we should drink

The human body is known, two-thirds consists of water. Particularly rich in water young body tissue. With age, its size gradually decreases: for example, the body of the fetus in three – 95 percent of water, five months – 85 new-born child – 70 and older – about 65 percent. In this regard, one of the reasons scientists believe aging, reducing the ability of colloidal substances in the body, especially proteins, to bind large amounts of water. It is no secret that without food one person can live more than a week without water die within a few days. It has long been known that doctors’ recommendations that people should drink a day for at least two liters of fluid. However, in the early twentieth century, when this information, it is more about water. Currently, those who prefer to quench their thirst with water becomes less. Most people drink sodas and juices. But recently scientists from the University of North Carolina have made a surprising discovery. As experts say, calories are not easily absorbed by the body of solids, namely of drinks. At the same time, according to nutritionists, all drinks are divided into six groups: at least desirable. Preferably, of course, water, then tea and coffee without sugar, milk, soft drinks and juices, energy drinks and alcohol. But worst of all can be fruit drinks. Scientists estimate that only one drink sweet drinks covers daily calorie norm. All fluids drain per day equal to more than 2,000 calories. Moreover, high-calorie drinks, there is one side effect: they make us eat more.

Should we drink water during meals – this is none of perspective. Some believe it is advisable to drink cold water, almost every meal, while others say it is not necessary because the water dilutes digestive juices and significantly impairs digestion. Drinking water is recommended only before meals, in the case of thirst. In an empty stomach water is retained and does not distort the processes of digestion. Packaging, on the contrary, it is late, diluting its content slows digestion. The daily need for water is determined by environmental conditions, nature of work, number of meals. Excessive consumption of water also has undeniable harm as it encourages excessive load on the heart and to accelerate the disintegration of the protein.

Some animals, like camels, with long stay in the desert using the oxidation of fat in reserve as an additional source of water. And physicians the ability to convert fat into water use in the fight against obesity, when the board limit the amount of liquid drunk as a result of intensive decomposition of fats and fast weight loss. Unfortunately, many people drink again and again, often without thinking that the excessive use of water is harmful. If you can not abandon this habit, use the following recommendations:

1. Absorption of water and the supply of blood and tissues of the body after 10-15 minutes, so keep in mind that drain water can immediately save you from thirst.
2. Remember that excessive drinking increased sweating. If a heavily sweating periodically rinse the mouth and throat with water, which will help reduce the craving.
3. Try to refrain from frequent and heavy drinking, and then some time after this thirst will appear more often.
4. Quenches gradually, drinking 10-20 minutes, just a few sips. Although craving a drink, it is important not only water but also its taste characteristics. For example, in Russia in the hot weather has long been drunk leaven, and Central Asia – a cold decoction of dried fruit or green tea.
5. Finally, do not drink unboiled water. Make sure the water is clear, pleasant-tasting, odorless and not too cold.


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