Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Health Benefits of Cold Water Bath

Everybody wants to take a warm shower either in the morning or afternoon for the simple reason that they cannot stand the cold. Don’t you know that bathing with cold water gives you the feeling of freshness and a lot of health benefits?

Bathing with cold water freshen your mind in the morning or after a day’s hard work in the warm city. Besides that, cold water can increase metabolism, prevent post-exercise injury and regulate levels of uric acid in your body. There are still other health benefits of having a cold shower.

Cold water improves men’s fertility. If you wish to have a child soon, make sure you always take a cold bath. You need to know that warm water decreases the population of sperm.

Blood circulation is increased to get rid of toxin. By the time cold water touches the skin, it reduces blood circulation but at the same time body mechanism increases blood pressure causing the blood to circulate with extra force.

By the time you get cold, your body metabolism works faster causing fat and carbohydrate to be burned to make you warm.

Bathing with cold water increases metabolism, which will in turn increase body heat. Therefore, cold water bath freshen immune system and release white blood cell.

Taking a cold shower is suggested after you finish a strenuous physical exercise in order that you will get increased muscle mass. Muscle fiber usually gets widened and contracted. Cold shower will prevent you from an injury.

Taking a cold shower can help relieve chronic pain relief, promote healthy hair, strengthen kidney function, reduce swell and skin edema, and cure autonomic nervous system.


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