Wednesday, July 1, 2015


According to the expert and member of the Association of Specialists in Sexology  these are the steps you should take a woman who claims to have some form of sexual dysfunction and is interested not only overcome, but enrich this area health

1. standardize the concept of masturbation to demystify and remove guilt or shame. For this you should consult a specialist in sexology.

2. Promote a space of one's privacy. It is advisable to devote some time alone, without haste or concerns.

3. Know the genital anatomy and its functions. This, through self-examination that allows viewing the genitals. For this you can use a mirror.

4 .sexual self-stimulation, with the aim of obtaining pleasure and achieve orgasm. You can follow the steps outlined in the book "Technical training masturbation" of

Lobitz and LoPicolo, but always guided by a specialist in sexology, which serves the psychological and emotional aspect of dysfunction and the times and adapt to the

exercises physical characteristics and psychological needs of each woman.

5. Encourage sexual fantasies, through movies and erotic readings.

6.  Use appropriate toys and lubricants obtained in specialist shops.

7.  Involve the couple, showing how women masturbate, and encourages sexual fantasy, self-confidence in itself, and complicity.

8.  Want to be desired. Let love each by itself and enjoy it, doing the pleasurable feelings obtained with orgasm masturbatory practices, in order to fully incorporate


9. Yielding to curiosity and expand pleasant experiences, to new forms of stimulation, without shame.

10. self-appraise the body as the most precious and valuable thing you have.


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