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Educational Intervention on Healthy Eating

Food is a process essential and mandatory for all organizations or systems living and this has to occur according to the requirements of the living being in question. 
Proper nutrition is the result of balance between the needs of the organism and nutrient intake, any imbalance can lead to deficiencies syndromes, toxicity or obesity , been known as malnutrition.Protein energy malnutrition, the state abnormal nonspecific systemic and potentially reversible, which originates as a result of poor utilization of essential nutrients by the body's cells.

Some authors suggest that malnutrition itself includes under nutrition in which the nutrients are given sparingly and over-nutrition where the nutrients are supplied in excess. 

When an imbalance not match the needs and contributions of nutrients and energy to the body it is established; preventing performing these functions is guaranteed optimally, it is said that a state of malnutrition. Faulty nutrition leading to a disruption of health and hence a decrease of physical capacities - intellectual or both and quantitative easing - qualitative life of man ; or that has important social implications of economic, political and Malnutrition is the most common cause of immunodeficiency because the system does not work properly if immune nutrition is not evacuated. The immune system dysfunction secondary to malnutrition known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Nutrition (SIDAN) and affects millions of people worldwide below 5 years and malnutrition is the common denominator in most of these.

During childhood proper nutrition is very important for any malnutrition by excess or defect can have significant impact in the short or long term. It is also during childhood when it begins to set in the correct eating habits or not, they will remain throughout life. 
The nutritional needs of the first year of life are varied over the months, these needs are not only in quantity but also in quality nutritious, because the child at this stage is when it grows; it's dominated events anabolic. A poorly nourished child may suffer from deficiencies of iron , folic acid, vitamin C, zinc, copper and vitamin A. 

Several authors state that under nutrition can result from inadequate intake, absorption, abnormal systemic loss of nutrients due to diarrhea , bleeding, kidney failure or excessive sweating infection, among other causes and malnutrition is associated with poverty ; They have been identified factors of risk related nutrition in young children with parents, with overcrowding and the environment in general, as well as others associated with sociocultural factors greatly influence the nutritional status. 

More than 815 million people suffer from hunger and chronic malnutrition and 36 million die every year of hunger, also it states that every 7 seconds a child dies less than two years for this cause. 

One of the effects caused by prolonged malnutrition diseases infectious so properly feeding all the world's children a million deaths would be avoided annually from pneumonia, malaria and 800 000 250 000 measles.

Haiti is considered the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Indicators of Health show that 80% of the population survive on less than $ 1.00 a day, the infant mortality rate is 80 per 1,000 live births, and life expectancy not exceeds 51 years old.

According to UNICEF, nearly a third of infants suffering from chronic malnutrition and 17% of acute malnutrition and one in 5 babies had low birth weight due to poor nutrition of the mothers themselves in that country.

Cuba has a health policy designed according to the social protection of the population as a premise in addressing the problems of the health - disease from the comprehensive transformation of communities and promoting social support systems provided careful attention to groups vulnerable population. 

In several municipality in the province, they have been conducted with the issue of breastfeeding mother but still the issue has many sides to be analyzed. 
About 2 years ago, a study was conducted Programme National Food (PNA) ( Project No. 15) in the five eastern provinces to determine the incidence of anemia. Included this study, a survey food, the results indicated that there was a high incidence of children with anemia and eating habits did not match the quality and quantity of necessary nutrients.

Problem : The human being of today, immersed in the fast pace of everyday life, has made ??major changes in their eating patterns and schemes, from consumption increasingly widespread food and pre-prepared fast food over the nature It makes available, aside from feeding healthy ways to ensure the necessary nutrients to keep the body strong and healthy. Why you need a feed Sana.?

In correspondence with this problem, the objective CTS will be directed to: reflect on about the importance and social significance that has strengthen health promotion on healthy eating through an educational intervention to help improve the quality of life . And will increase the knowledge on this subject.

Nutrition is the set of processes by which physiological ingested food are transformed and assimilated, that is, joining the body of living beings .
It is a science that aims to study the relationship between food and the living. . In addition to devote to the study of food quality.
For human nutrition studies are directed to meet the needs of nutrients that man and diseases that are caused by insufficient or excessive intake, proper nutrition is a key factor for the strength and performance of a person 
Eating is not just a pleasure, it is primarily meet the nutritional needs for proper growth and development of intellectual and physical abilities. There are diseases that can be prevented or improved by an appropriate diet.
At corresponds nurses help develop and maintain eating habits and guiding influence how inadequate nutrition in the loss of health. 
A good quality of life is achieved with the acquisition of good habits. The body's cells need proper nutrition for normal operation, all systems can be affected when there are nutritional problems. For a person to function at its optimal level should consume adequate amounts of foods that contain nutrients essential to human life.
To live our body needs a certain amount of nutrients found in the food. However, it does not matter what you eat as the proportion of various nutrients varies from one food to another.

Key Features of Nutrients
1. Energy: Provides the body the fuel it needs to produce energy for the body to perform their daily activities: breathing, keep the temperature body, running, among others. This is a primary function carried out the carbohydrates , fats and proteins.
2. Plastic: Build the tissues of the body or replace existing ones; this is a primary function of proteins and some minerals .
3. Regulatory: Regular metabolic processes (set of chemical reactions and processes that take place in cells for the maintenance of the body). Here the proper use of plastic and energy substances are favored; this is a primary function of vitamins and minerals.
4. paraspecific: Related to immunity functions, satiety, appetite.
Proper nutrition is the diet according to recognized expertise in the field , meets the specific needs of different stages of life, promotes children's growth and development and appropriate adult conserves or achieve the expected weight for height and prevents the development of diseases.
Humans, besides the required water is vital that a varied and balanced ingestion of food. The reason is that there is no single food provides all the nutrients to sustain life and health. The basis of good nutrition lies in the balance, variety and moderation in our food. But the urban modern diet is often unbalanced, unstructured and often coupled with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle .
Food is a chain of events beginning with the cultivation, selection and preparation of food to the styles and the consumption of a group of them. There are diseases that can be prevented or improved through healthy eating
A healthy diet is achieved by combining various foods in a balanced way, which meets the nutritional needs for proper growth and develop the physical and intellectual capacities.
The range is given by the selection and inclusion in the diet of all types of food, with priority for vegetables and fruits because it contains carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
The vegetables are recommended by the high content of dietary fiber needed for the gastro-intestinal function, value food, pleasant taste and aromatic properties, they are the main suppliers of the necessary for the functioning of the body vitamins, maintain the acid-base balance and contain substances special that eliminate or stop the growth of microorganisms patógenos.1 The Center for Research and Development, Ministry of Commerce Interior Havana, Cuba , in 2002 published a paper in two parts entitled "Only vegetables", very useful for information about the topic. 
In Cuba we have worked hard to make available to the population the amount of vegetables per capita to ensure good salud1 and high yields with low input technologies are developed with intensive methods.
In Cuba is working on the formation of a consciousness of nature in population and food production plans are developed using different alternatives to meet the needs of the population1 on the one hand and on the other, to constitute true sustainable systems. There is great political will to diversify agricultural production with the objective .
It also allows promote and promote healthy lifestyles to maintain health.
Organic food has become a discipline that summarizes important aspects of human endeavor, requiring an integrated vision to achieve a harmonious relationship between the society and the environment and is linked to the principles of the agriculture organic, nutrition and technology food.
Organic food is based on the efficient use of plant diversity as a source of food and natural to maintain health and quality of life consumption.
The establishment of specific nutrients recommended servings helps people to select foods to ensure an adequate supply of essential nutrients in their diets .
The Organization for Agriculture and Food of the United Nations and the World Health Organization (FAO / WHO) have established standards from international goals to improve dietary practices and help solve public health problems related to diet.

2 Healthy eating is achieved with the application or use of the dietary guidelines. 
Food guides are educational tools that adapt scientific knowledge on nutritional requirements and food composition and transforms into a practical tool that facilitates different people choosing a healthy diet and aims to raise short-term knowledge of food and nutrition and long term, remove erroneous feeding behaviors. 
Aspects to be emphasized in teaching about nutrition:
The need for a balanced diet from a nutritional point of view to promote optimal health.
The special needs of children, adolescents , pregnant women and nursing mothers to promote their growth and development.
The need to eat at regular times to encourage the development of good eating habits.
The need to have a good breakfast to start the day to promote adequate intake of essential nutrients.
The need to maintain hygiene in cleaning, preparation and storage of food.

Educating in the art of eating healthy and harmonious requires perseverance and convincing arguments. The staff nurse has a great role to play in the field of nutrition education to achieve in individuals, families and populations healthy eating and provide scientific information to understand the importance of certain prohibitions or reductions and increased certain food, they know that there is a basis in each explanation aimed at the welfare of human beings.
The implementation of an educational program on the topic of Healthy Eating is very significant because through his habits and lifestyles that influence the best modified behavior of the health-disease.

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