Monday, October 12, 2015

5 tips for Good Time in Bed

When you think about intercourse, you mostly think about grooming your privates. In the process you can forget minor details that too play a part in good foreplay, if not the act itself. Though not an absolute essential, these tips will surely make the act more pleasurable and hygienic too.

Use a deodorant: Body odour is one of the worst turn-offs and may even put the other person in a bad mood. If you are about to have sex, make sure you spray deodorant or you can go a step further by using a nice cologne or perfume.

Bad breath check: Apart from body odour, bad breath is another turn off you need to be careful about. Make sure you do a check once before you kiss someone. You can always pop a mint or use a mouthwash before you begin the act.

Clip your nails: Long nails attract dirt that can settle in them even if you wash your hands before the act. Not to forget that they can leave marks on your lover’s body. So make sure you clip them regularly.

Trim your beard: Many women do prefer men with facial hair but it can leave them with red skin when you try to make love with a bushy fuzz. It is best to keep it trimmed so that the hair is even overall and not pokey.

Remove your make-up: Yes, you feel pretty with make-up but those layers of foundation, powder, blush, etc. can be ingested by your lover during the act. Even with kissing, the shimmer can go in his mouth and if he’s licking your body then it is even worse. It is best to remove all of it before you start the act.

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