Saturday, January 16, 2016

Things to Avoid During Menstrual Period

For women, having their menstrual period every month is like a burden. It comes with the untimely emotional bursts. There is a change to the hormones, metabolism and other body parts. Menstrual period is like a monthly update of your body. Some women have their period at the same time and date every month which makes it easier for them. 

But there are some things that you should avoid while you are on your period and these includes

1. Running 
Running won't be beneficial since you will only feel bloated

2.  Taking a shower
A warm bath will do if you don't want to stand up while taking a shower. 

3. Get out of the bed
It is okay to stay on your bed for a couple of days while you're on your red flag

4. Do housechores
Don't make yourself suffer if you really could not stand at all. Those chores could wait. 

5. Start Arguments
Since you are on your period you tend to say things that you really don't mean so let the things pass by. 

6. Watch chick-flicks
It will just make you emotional missing the life that you do not have right now. 

7. Eating lots of chocolates
You can eat a little, but eating a lot will just make you gain weight

8. Exercise
It would just ruin the exercise clothes that you have. You can start exercising if your period is already done. 

9. Use Phones
If you get too emotional you might end up talking to someone that you don't want to and say things that you don't mean. 

10. Cook 
Handling sharp objects such as the knife is not advisable since it can be dangerous for someone who is emotional.

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