Monday, September 14, 2009

Life Enhancing Benefits of Pineapple

We all know that eating plenty of fruit will help ensure that our bodies are receiving the daily recommended antioxidants and vitamins to keep our healthy energy at peak levels. However, each piece of fruit you eat contains special extra benefits that work to cure, aid, heal, and promote specific, unique physical needs.

Strengthen Bones
Most people think that calcium, dairy products and milk are the primary food items that will help keep your bones strong and healthy. But, did you know that pineapples contain manganese, a trace mineral that is essential for building connective tissue and bones? One cup of pineapple contains approximately 73% of the daily value of manganese that is recommended for a healthy diet.

Remedy Coughs and Colds
While most people reach for vitamin C supplements or orange juice when they feel a cold or cough coming on, most people don’t know that reaching for pineapple is the best choice. Pineapple not only offers you what orange juice does, but it also contains bromelain a benefit that loosens mucus and suppresses coughing.

Do you suffer from painful joints and osteoarthritis? Because bromelain is an anti-inflammatory consuming at least ½ cup of pineapple a day is considered an effective way relieve such suffering.

An Efficient Aid in Digestion
Another valuable benefit of pineapples is that it contains a proteolytic enzyme which by definition means to break down protein. Pineapples therefore help the body digest and utilize proteins effectively.

Morning Sickness
For pregnant ladies, morning sickness can be a difficult thing to endure. In the morning, drinking fresh pineapple juice and eating some nuts has been believed to relieve this condition.

A Healthier Mouth
In addition, drinking fresh juice is known for discouraging the growth of unwanted plaque.

Reduce Allergies
When consumed on a daily basis, studies have shown that people report fewer allergies and sinus related problems.

Blood Clot Reduction
Pineapple has also been known to hinder the development of blood clots. If you or someone you know is at risk for blood clots, studies show that adding pineapples to your diet can greatly reduce your risk.

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