Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Laughter a remedy

Laughter is a great gift of nature. It gives exercises to our body muscles and promotes our health. Today’s fast life makes our life gloomy. Let us laugh to live.

Laughter is the greatest gift of mankind! It is a great boon to our health. Our health is greatly influenced by our mind. Illnesses of the mind are the main cause of many psychosomatic diseases. General depression of the mind leads to diseases. Laughter is the panacea for this tension and depression. When we laugh, certain nerves in the brain are triggered and our endocrine system secretes neurotransmitter hormone. This, in turn, releases the endorphine hormone, which is a natural painkiller and tranquilizer.

Laughter the Booster of our Body
The chemical process of laugher boosts our heart, body and mind. Improvement in the blood flow diffuses tension and promotes a feeling of well being that is very important to make our life pleasant. . It is fittingly said that laughing is like a restart function of the computer.

What Happens in our Brain When we Laugh
Scientists have proved that human mood is controlled by four types of waves. They are: alpha, beta, delta and theta. These brain waves have been identified as amplitude of waves in terms of cycles per second.

The alpha waves have a frequency of about eight to twelve cycles per second. These waves are associated with an alert state of mind and is accompanied by feelings of calmness , lack of tension and anxiety. The alpha waves occur intermittently when we are in the state of calmness and happiness. Laughter is the state of mind when our brain starts the production of alpha waves.

The beta waves have a frequency of about fifteen to twenty eight cycles per second. These beta waves tend to occur when an individual is attempting to solve a problem or is worrying about something.The delta waves have the frequency of about two to six cycles per second. They occur when an individual is sleeping or unconscious.The theta waves have a frequency of about five to seven cycles per second. These waves are produced when the person is feeling sleepy just before going to sleep.

Laughter is the Reliable Tool of the Educated
Educated people have realized the value of laughter . In many a place we find them forming laughter clubs to enable the members get a chance to laugh more and more.They gather in these places to motivate themselves to laugh by inducing laughter mimicries, telling jokes, reading humorous things and so on.

Laughter Clubs
Nowadays we can find laughter clubs to enable the busy people gather in one place and induce themselves in laughter. The members cooperate in merrymaking and producing healthy jokes. They feel a kind of relief like the steam released from a tight pressure cooker.

Enjoying a Joke is an Art
WE should understand the meaning of the joke, then only we can enjoy it. Hence the first thing we should keep in mind is that we should enjoy the joke wholeheartedly and we should not try to pick holes in the jokes or argue about it. A joke is a joke and it should be enjoyed. We shouldn’t spoil a joke which we may already know and break its suspense.

Another important thing is that we should encourage telling jokes. When a person is telling a joke, we should encourage him even if we may not find it funny.We should also remember that when a joke is repeated it loses its life. It is like eating cold or stale food!We know about the jesters in royal courts, who kept the court as well as the people in good moods. Telling joke is an art involving the magical power of using words.

Laughter for Health
Laughter is good for health.It keeps our lungs healthy. We have heard the adage, “Laughter is the best medicine.” In today’s fast life, not only adults, but also school going children tend to become the victims of depression, tension and phobias.

Researches have proved that laughter has the same workout power as the effects produced by aerobic exercises. Laughing involves the muscles into action and brings out the stagnated dirt in the lungs.

It is quite fitting to note the words of William Rostter, “Anyone who is without a sense of humor is at the mercy of others.” We should never forget the maxim that when we laugh, the whole world laughs with us and when we weep, we weep alone!

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