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Drink for healthy and slim

Adult human body consists of about 60% water, which meets the very important role in maintaining health and proper functioning of our body. Not without significance is the fact that a person deprived of fluid, can survive only a few days. It provides the environment changes and reactions occurring in the body, is a means to transport the substances involved in thermoregulation of the body, "moisturize from the inside" our skin, is part of the digestive juices: bile, pancreatic juice, intestinal juice, gastric juice, saliva.

You can continue to exchange the functions of water in the body, but it is important to remember that this is due to its content it is possible to maintain normal metabolism and, hence, faster, dropping pounds. Why is it important to provide enough fluid? Since the body loses water throughout the day along with faeces, sweat, exhaled air, especially in the urine. It must therefore be remembered that during the day we should drink about 2 liters of water. It is known, however, that value will fluctuate, depending on body temperature and ambient humidity levels and the state of physical activity.

The importance of proper irrigation of the body during weight loss

During weight loss, where there is a reduction in food intake, the body can run out of water, which has previously been supplied with food. Therefore, to avoid slowing down the metabolism and allow for efficient removal of unnecessary or harmful substances, it is proper hydration. Currently, the Internet or other sources so you can find. Shipping Calculator, calculates the required daily intake for each fluid.

You can also add that the water naturally reduces appetite by filling the stomach and giving the feeling of satiety. However, it is no room for extremism, for which too much is not healthy, and in this case, the excess fluid is especially dangerous because it can lead to partial or complete rinsing of mineral salts from the body, as the worst consequence is death. Consequently, I, as in all others, should exercise restraint.

It is important to remember not to drink while eating a meal. It is recommended to drink about 30 minutes before or after consumption, so as not to neutralize the digestive juices, and thus not to hamper the digestion of food. In addition, drink the liquid in such a situation "pushes" the food sections to continue the digestive tract, preventing the effective, efficient digestion.


This option is for both weight loss and how weight loss does not seem to be, and is the best. Pure water does not provide any calories and is ideal to quench thirst. However, it must remember that the market offers different types of waters spring, mineral or medicinal.

Spring water is characterized by a low degree of mineralization (up to 500 mg / l minerals), has a delicate flavor and can drink it at will, just as the low-mineralized water (of course, common sense). Caution is needed in case of highly mineralized water (at least 1,000 mg / l) and curative waters. You should not drink them in large quantities, because one can harm any of the excess dissolved minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium. As regards the medicinal water, although they help in many medical problems, they should not be eaten on its own, only after consulting your doctor. The best so it will be spring water or low mineralized, preferably carbonated.

Carbonated water is water artificially saturated with carbon dioxide. Ongoing discussions on whether it is harmful or not, to our health, it is certain, however, that its adverse effects are primarily "artificial" feeling of thirst, because the "bubbles" in it fill the wall of the stomach. In addition, it contained carbon dioxide is not conducive to people with stomach ailments (eg, hyperacidity), because it can damage the lining of the stomach, such as contributing to the formation of ulcers.

Interesting fact: Every morning drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach (cold may cause a shock to the body after waking), preferably with the addition of lemon. Then the water flow into the gastrointestinal tract, removing any excess mucus.

For a slimming: Drinking during the day with cold water, the body must consume more energy, burn calories and so to lead to heated.

Although there are many of its kind, the most important to drink it without sugar. Best for those wanting to lose kilograms and not only is green tea. It contains many antioxidants, which have been tried and helps remove toxins from the body. In addition, it contains the so-called. catechins increase the burning fat and reduce appetite. Beware of the so-called. slimming teas because they contain is often in its composition and substances with laxative and / or drainage, which can lead to deflection of the bowel.

Vegetable and Fruit Juices
They are low calorie and filling. May be a small meal replacement. In addition, they are included in numerous vitamins and elements needed body and fiber. With greater caution should be approached to fruit juices, as they often, although the label lies the inscription: "No added sugar, artificial sweeteners can include, other-without the sugar and artificial sweeteners, may have a large amount of simple sugar fructose, which As a result of biochemical changes in the body is transformed into glucose in the blood goes to form. If you have fruit juice, is squeezed from fresh fruits or those of the carton containing 100% fruit juice (no nectars or drinks), but you must reckon with the fact although they contain vitamins, fiber and minerals are in a much more calories than vegetable juices.

Milk Drinks
Are a source of valuable element: calcium. It plays an especially important role in maintaining an appropriate form of the skeletal system, but also promotes weight loss. We choose, however, drink a fat content of 2%, but not 0%, make it impossible for the absorption of vitamin D, which requires for the purpose of fat.

Drinking 1-2 cups of coffee daily, preferably with the addition of skim milk, which neutralizes the oxalates contained in it, deliver the body to a dose of antioxidants, and energy. It is not indicated in patients with hypertension. Unfortunately does not work very condescending to the color of our teeth.

What to avoid?

Isotonic drinks
It is mainly for athletes or for those after a hard workout. Contain a large amount of electrolytes, but also glucose. They are high in calories.

Flavoured Water
Contain a large amount of additives: acidity regulators, sweeteners, preservatives often. They provide a fairly large amount of calories - 300 calories in a 1.5 liter bottle. 

Soft Drinks
Calorie, unhealthy, with the addition of artificial sweeteners and other chemical additives.

It provides the most calories from all other drinks - about 1g 7kcal with alcohol. Interestingly, the calories derived from alcohol is quickly absorbed into the blood, hence for example, drinking beer and podjadajac at the sticks, or chips, or anything else, in the first place are absorbed calories from alcohol and only at the far end are derived from food. Often they are they will not even be przetrawieniu and deposited mostly in the stomach. Hence the myth is that "beer belly" arises from the beer.

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