Saturday, April 14, 2012

5 Types of condoms for great sex

It's a lot of fun to choose the right condom before a steamy love making session. Today there are many varieties of condoms available in the market, from flavoured 

condoms to dotted condoms. It's always safe and feels good to wear condom while having sex.

If you are not on a baby-making mission and want to arouse and stimulate your partner like never before, we list down 5 varieties of condoms for great sex.

1. Flavoured condoms
Such condoms are best for oral sex. They are available in a wide range of flavours such as chocolate, coffee, strawberry, mint, vanilla and many more. If you are using 

it for vaginal or anal sex, always make sure they are sugar-free in order to avoid yeast infection.

2. Dotted condoms
If you want that extra pleasure this is the right condom for you. Textured or studded condoms are meant for increasing pleasure for both the partners. These condoms 

have slight bumps that run through the length of the condom on both the sides.

3. Super thin condoms 
If you want to use a condom and still get the same kick as condom-free sex, this one will suit you fine. This type of condom is transparent with a thin layer made of 

sheerlon material that acts like a second skin. It is highly effective against pregnancy and STDs.

4. Pleasure-shaped condoms
This type of condom heightens sensitivity for both the partners. It has loose and enlarged tip.

5. Glow in the dark condoms 
If you want to experience kinky sex, this is the right choice. When exposed to light for 30 seconds, it glows in the dark. It is non-toxic and has three layers. The 

inner and the outermost layers are made up of latex and the middle one contains a safe pigment that makes it glow.

Even with condoms one needs to take precautions. So, next time you are buying one don't forget to check the label if it is FDA approved for use against unplanned 

pregnancy and STDs.

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