Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Care Vagina with Meditation

Back to the matter of meditation. In this case I mean if breathing. Again the crucial element is the concentration of the mind and visualization.

 With meditation through breathing regularly if you are able to maintain muscle elasticity of your vagina. Remember, in the science of motivation is well-known adage that what you believe and what you think then that you are, that’s what will happen.

Practically speaking, though breathing meditation to your vagina maintainability thus:

 1. Take a quiet time, such as your bedtime and upon awakening.

 2. Sitting cross-legged in a relaxed manner.

 3. Inhale slowly through your nose in 4 or 5 count. If you’ve used the breathing in 8 to 10 count. Imagine, intended or affirm in your mind that you are inhaling positive energy of the universe.

 4. Hold your breath in a matter similar to when you were breathing air. Use abdominal breathing as much as possible, so that the air storage but not in the chest cavity in the abdominal cavity. Affirm in your mind that you are channeling positive energy to the organs of your vagina. When this position yourself as the person to hold urine. Feel that your vaginal muscles tightened and tightened.
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 5. Dispose of the air you breath through your mouth quickly. Affirm that you are dumping the weakness and negative sides of you.

 Do a meditation on a regular breathing though, then you will get maximum results.

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