Sunday, April 8, 2012

Function of Vitamins

Vitamin A
It functions for growth, vision and healthy skin and hair.Merophtalmia can also prevent disease, the disease dryness of the lining of the eye tissue of this vitamin found in milk, butter, eggs, liver, green vegetables and yellow.
Vitamin B1
Function to the nervous system and heart function. Vitamin B1 deficiency can lead to symptoms of loss of appetite, difficult defecation, sleeplessness and restlessness. This vitamin can also prevent the disease beriberi. This vitamin is found in rice, flour, fish, lean meat, liver, milk and chicken.
Vitamin B2
Serves to maintain healthy skin and help the growth of body tissues.Can prevent eye sensitivity to light. This vitamin is found in rice, wheat, green leafy vegetables, non-cholesterol beef liver, dried yeast, milk and eggs.
Vitamin B6
Serves to maintain healthy teeth and gums, as well as to increase the red blood cells and nervous system. This vitamin is found in rice, wheat, vegetables, dried yeast, meat and bananas.
Vitamin B12
Serves to keep the disease anemia and helps maintain healthy nervous system and can help a good growth in children. This vitamin is found in all animal flesh, liver, spleen, milk, fish and dried fish.
Vitamin C
Function for healthy teeth and bones. Also useful to help the body’s cells and blood vessels. Prevent scurvy. This vitamin is found in fruits and all the sour juice of green vegetables and potatoes.
Vitamin D
Serves for the formation of bones and teeth. Helping to change the calcium and phosphorus in the body. Prevent disease rachitis. This vitamin is found in milk, fish oil, salmon, tuna and egg yolks.
Vitamin E
Serves to prevent formation of blood and excess fatty acids. This vitamin is found in vegetable oils, wheat, rice and salad.
Vitamin Bc
Serves to prevent some forms of anemia and vitamin helps the workings of the gut is contained in green leafy vegetables, yeast food and meat.
Vitamin B3
Functions to help convert food into energy. Nervous system helps prevent loss of appetite. Prevent the disease pellagra disease eat less. This vitamin are rice, flour, eggs, non-cholesterol meat, liver and dried yeast.
Vitamin H
Serves to help the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fat.This vitamin is found in egg yolk, green vegetables, milk, liver and kidneys.
Vitamin B5
Function in the body to digest carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This vitamin is found in all foods from plants and meat.

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