Monday, July 6, 2015

Do you admire your partner

Do not love who does not admire. Love without admiration is only friendship.

A relationship that is not only healthy but also gratifying, stimulating and enjoyable for its two protagonists involves a large dose of mutual admiration . While the basis of a good relationship is based largely on qualities that are proper to also friendly relationship (support, companionship, empathy, availability to the other, reciprocity) the truth is that the admiration and privacy They make the relationship is unique and genuine ; and satisfy desires and needs that no other relationship can satisfy. Intimacy and admiration become the couple in that special relationship that reaches dimensions of the person qualitatively different from other relationships.

The admiration may also represent the starting point of the relationship, the reason for the decision to pair it. Just admiring the other, recognizing him as different, special, mysterious and worthy of all our attention, initially born the couple .

Does this mean to cause admiration, therefore, indifference and threatening relationship?

You can not say that when you are just admiring the couple breaks up necessarily, because experience tells me that a couple can never be certain statements so emphatically and there are so many different types of couples and individuals in the world. However, the dissolution of the admiration is asymptomatic and usually involves a crisis that will end in rupture, or not, depending on how resuelv a.

Admiration to assume that at least one member of the couple ceases to feel unique, rare and valuable ; while the other passes to feel discouraged, and attracted little devoid of challenges . The relationship is as rewarding as expensive to maintain, and all those boosters that only the couple can provide longer exceptional to the recipient if the person who provides is not particularly valuable and therefore worthy of admiration.

What is a well understood admiration?

We might say that admiration is a well understood that it is not used to instrumentalize the relationship, unbalance or exercising on it a power struggle . Healthy admiration we talked a couple is supposed to reciprocal and both a motivation and an incentive for change and self-improvement. This kind of admiration allows the two partners will encourage and learn from the other, plus it involves multiplying the strengths that together, as a team possess. Admiration for the other reflects the immense value is given as "irreplaceable partner" , so that one does not need to the couple as a concept but this couple in particular.

In addition, this kind of admiration that I mean strengthens and strengthens the couple as it makes us put on the other the same dose of admiration that we place ourselves in pride; as if, somehow, the positive qualities of the couple also speak positively about ourselves, we have had the good sense to choose it.


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