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Oral Ulcers

The pain is unbearable. One cannot speak, eat, or drink properly
Common Causes of Mouth ulcers
* Nutritional deficiencies like iron, vitamins, particularly B12 and C
* Poor dental hygiene
* Food allergies
* Stress( emotional)
* Infections significantly herpes simplex
* Biting the cheek
* Hormonal imbalance
* Bowel disease.
* Skin disease
* In females, someday in association with menstrual cycle.
* Hereditary, familial tendencies are seen.
* Stress is that the a very important issue for developing mouth ulcers and premature graying of hair therefore keep your mind and body cool and relaxed and 1/2 your worries and ailments can get away.
alternative causes of mouth ulcers
Trauma Minor physical injuries
Trauma to the mouth may be a common explanation for ulcers. a pointy fringe of a tooth, accidental biting (this are often significantly common with sharp canine teeth, or knowledge teeth), sharp, abrasive, or excessively salty food, hot drinks, poorly fitting dentures, dental braces or trauma from a toothbrush might injure the mucosal lining of the mouth leading to an ulcer. These ulcers typically heal at a moderate speed if the supply of the injury is removed (for example, if poorly fitting dentures are removed or replaced)
These ulcers conjointly commonly occur when dental work, when incidental abrasions to the soft tissues of the mouth are common. A dentist ought to apply a protecting layer of petroleum jelly before concluding dental work so as to reduce the quantity of incidental injuries to the soft mucosa tissues. alternative Causes are Chemical injuries, infections, vira
little shallow erosions within the lining of the mouth or on the tongue.
the bottom is also white or gray in color.
Increased salivation.
Pain, burning sensation particularly on contact with food or water.
There is also bleeding from the ulcers.
delicate fever if infection is that the cause.
dangerous odour from the mouth.
Home TIPS for Mouth Ulcers
Grate some recent coconut. Extract the milk and gargle with this 3-4 times daily.
* Keep one glass of chilled water and one glass of hot water prepared at hand. Gargle alternately with hot and cold water.
* Boil a pair of cups of water. Add one cup fenu Greek leaves and take away. cowl and keep for someday. Strain the water and gargle 2-3 times daily.
* Boil one tsp ofcorian derseeds in one cup of water. take away when slightly heat gargle. Repeat 3-4 times daily.
* Chew four to 5 leaves of holy basil (tulsi) and drink water. This helps to cure mouth ulcers.
* Eating raw tomatoes helps rid mouth ulcers. Gargling with tomato juice 3-4 times daily conjointly cures mouth ulcers.
* combine seven components of sugar candy (mishri) with one a part of camphor. Apply on the blister.
* combine a pinch of turmeric powder to one tsp glycerin and apply.
Boil fenugreek (methi) leaves in some water. remove the leaves and gargle the mouth with this water 2 to 3 times' day.
Avoid drinking hot liquids like tea, occasional and avoid oily, spicy food. this can solely worsen the condition of the mouth ulcers.
Consume a diet that's made in calcium and vitamin C, for e.g., foods like yogurt, milk, cottage cheese and orange juice.
Avoid eating non-vegetarian foods as they increase the amount of acidity within the body.
Apply a paste of baking soda with water on the sores.
* don't brush too vigorously and use a soft toothbrush.
* Clean the tongue often however not harshly. Use toothpaste, mouthwash that suits you, if you are feeling you're obtaining the matter thanks to it, change it. you will be allergic to it.
* Visit your dentist if you've got a pointy tooth or a denture, which does not match well.
* Avoid mental stress. Learn to relax and contend with stress.
* Avoid spicy hot food, alcohol, and smoking.
* Avoid self medication with antibiotics.
* Vitamin B advanced and folic acid supplement can facilitate.
* Have a diet made in inexperienced leafy vegetables, cereals.
* you'll be able to use a cool mouthwash for temporary relief of pain.

Finger ulcers

Brilliant mind
After laundry them well, dry them totally and apply talcum powder. If you wear closed shoes, talcum powder are often sprinkled within the shoes. However, within the hot season, slippers and open sandals are best, as they permit most ventilation and facilitate the perspiration to evaporate. But, open footwear attracts dirt and thus, foot hygiene becomes all the additional necessary. when a hot day, soak your feet in cold water, to that some salt has been added.

Athlete's Foot
A foot downside known as "Athlete's Foot" develops additional simply throughout hot and humid weather, as a result of it thrives on soggy (wet) skin. If neglected, it will become a stubborn downside, with an itchy and soggy condition. Athlete's foot starts as a fungus infection. So, if there's dry scaling on the feet, particularly between the toes, with some itching, take care to consult a dermatologist immediately. Anti-fungal preparations are effective in handling the matter within the initial stages. However, excessive moisture, caused by excessive sweating, tight shoes and humid weather will result in bacterial activity and this worsens the condition. Avoid socks and wear open shoes, use talcum powder and keep the feet as dry as attainable. In fact, throughout the new and humid season, the feet ought to be exposed to the air the maximum amount as attainable.

Weekly pedicures facilitate to stay the feet and nails clean and stop fungal infections, specially in hot and humid weather.

Home remedies for summer foot care:
Foot Soak: In one-fourth bucket of heat water, add 0.5 cup of coarse salt and ten drops of lemon, or orange essential oil (if you can't get essential oil, use 0.5 cup of lemon or orange juice). If your feet tend to sweat lots, use some drops of tea tree oil, because it has germicidal properties. It helps to contend with dangerous odour. Soak the feet for ten to fifteen minutes.

Foot Lotion: combine along three tablespoons of rose water, a pair of tablespoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon pure glycerin. Apply on feet and leave on for 0.5 an hour.

Foot look after Summer Dryness: In one-fourth bucket cold water, place a pair of tablespoons honey, one tablespoon herbal shampoo, one tablespoon almond oil. Soak feet in it for twenty minutes.

Cooling foot bath: Add rose water, lemon juice and a splash of eau de cologne in cold water and soak feet in it. Cools, cleans and removes odour.

 Cooling Massage Oil: Take a hundred ml olive oil and add a pair of drops eucalyptus oil, a pair of drops rosemary oil and three drops khus, or rose oil. combine along and keep in airtight glass jar. Use a trifle of this for foot massage. It cools and protects the skin.

Heart Habits At Workplace

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Get rid of beer belly

A major explanation for sort II diabetes, Lisa Antao explores the dark underbelly of this unflattering look 

You have seen others sporting it and doubtless might need giggled at the sight of it whether or not its your dad, uncle, boss, an officer, some police guys or a pedestrian on the road. A Beer or a pot belly isn't solely an unflattering sight however additionally an unhealthy asset not simply restricted to celebrities however additionally the plenty. These days, even teens in their 20s became a victim to pot belly, that is definitely a nasty sign. scan on to seek out out a way to win the battle against this bulge specifically. 

What is it? 
A round, pot-shaped belly is usually referred to as a Beer Belly. this is often a lot of prevalent amongst males compared to females. Clinical nutritionist Dr Nupur Krishnan says, "Many individuals suppose that beer belly is caused by drinking beer. however it's a myth. it's caused by excessive accumulation of fat in abdominal space. It consists of subcutaneous fat, that is found beneath the skin. 2 major styles of fat depositions currently recognised are excess subcutaneous truncal - abdominal fat (android) and excess gluteofemoral fat (gynoid). The android is additionally referred to as apple-shaped obesity or beer belly." 

"Beer Belly is additionally referred to as pot belly when the abdominal circumference in male is over ninety cms and feminine is eighty cms as per the planet Health Organisation (WHO) criteria. even if it's referred to as a beer belly, it's commonly seen in non-alcoholic Indians similarly. If a personality's Body Mass Index (BMI) is over thirty and he contains a beer belly, then the beer belly may be to blame for several chronic life-threatening diseases," says Bariatic surgeon Dr Shashank Shah. 

How is it caused? 
Studies indicate that beer belly is very co-related with insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, and hypertension. however the foremost vital and risky cause is that the metabolic syndrome that could be a chronic condition of all the on top of disorders within the same person. sometimes drinking beer won't cause beer belly. However, if you drink beer fairly often, you consume a lot of calories and a lot of fluid is retained in abdomen till filtered and excreted by kidney through urine. This causes abdomen to bulge for prolonged time and to loose its elasticity, mentions Dr Krishnan. 

She cites reasons like: 
- Digestive disorders stop food to be digested and excreted through feces. 
- Consuming a lot of calories than needed as a result of excess calories gets converted to fat and accumulates in ones belly. 
- Sedentary life vogue reduces the basal metabolic rate and results in individuals spending less energy than they consume. 

Dr Shah says that speaking from an Indian context, pot belly is caused because of the Indian high-carbohydrate intake and a diet which incorporates fatty curries and masalas in our preparations. Also, the quick food intake with lesser activity and a stressful busy life. this is often the most reason for creating India the worldwide diabetic hub. over ninety per cent of our Indian sort II diabetic patients fall during this class as per the WHO definition of abdominal obesity. 

What are the unwell effects? 
A Beer or pot belly could be a major explanation for sort II diabetes. the opposite health risks embody high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney disease and cardiovascular diseases. These diseases are the foremost expensive health hazards; socially and economically that India and Asia face, opines Dr Shah. 

Precautions to undertake 
A combination of correct diet and exercise is important to induce rid of excess abdominal fat. Celebrity fitness trainer Baqqar Nasser says, "The average Indian man weighs between seventy to one hundred kgs and girl weighs between sixty to eighty kgs. Their daily calorie consumption ranges from 1500 to 2000 calories. When ones' intake of calorie is that this a lot of, they need to guarantee to burn out calories too. so as to induce rid of beer belly, one mustn't get certain to a specific exercise. Doing abdomen crunches alone isn't sufficient, one must incorporate activities like swimming, cycling or running to indicate results. around thirty to forty minutes of pure abdominal exercises could be a should at the side of a mixture of a cardio estimate, to induce good-looking abs." 

He mentions the subsequent exercises to trim Beer belly: 
Exercise 1: 
Lie down on your back. try and elevate your higher body to face the sky. keep stationary for a few time and come back back to the initial position. Gradually increase repetitions. 

Exercise 2: 
Hang yourself from a height. elevate up your legs, if this appears terribly tough, strive lifting up the knees. Begin with 3 repetitions and gradually increase them. 

Exercise 3: 
Lie on the ground on your chest. elevate up your body in an exceedingly plank position, while resting your elbows and toes on the ground. keep during this position for a jiffy and come back to original position. Gradually increase repetitions. 
Dr Krishnan lists the subsequent dietary precautions to induce rid of the unhealthy pot belly: 

- Avoid excessive eating. 
- Avoid high calorie and high fat foods particularly animal meat. 
- Avoid foods product of refined merchandise created of maida and consume high-fibre foods. 
- Avoid aerated drinks and sweets 
- Eat tiny however frequent meals to assist correct digestion. 
- Leave a spot of 2 hours between your dinner and sleep time. 
- don't mix eating with alternative activities like reading or watching tv. 
- If you have got digestive disorders or gastric downside consult a nutritionist to reinforce your digestive system. 

Get to grasp what's your calorie demand in line with your lifestyle and heath condition. 

Health Benefits of Water

5 Vegetables for sensible health

While everybody is aware of that inexperienced vegetables are sensible for the body, most folks tend to still avoid eating them. 

Consuming veggies needn't be a chore. With the big variety accessible, you'll simply realize one to fit your tastes. Here we propose some high inexperienced vegetables which will do your health wonders. 

Broccoli is taken into account a marvel food for its ability to assist stop cancer. The vegetable is usually recommended for those tormented by heart disorders and strokes. Being jam-choked with iron its ideal for anaemia patients similarly. Boil or steam your broccoli flowers gently and eat so they do not lose all the nutrients. 

Whether consumed raw or cooked in an exceedingly dish, cabbage has several edges. it's said to be nice for the skin and eyes as its choked with vitamin A. The phytonutrients gift during this vegetable facilitate the body fight against the free radicals. It additionally helps with lung, abdomen and colon prostate cancer. Those inquisitive about body building might want to eat cabbage as its full 
of iodine that's required for muscle development. 

Bean sprouts 
Sprinkled on salads or eaten as a between meals snack, sprouts are a good means of obtaining some nutrients. they're wealthy in vitamin C and a few of contemporary sprouts will give you with three-quarters of your daily vitamin C demand. additionally they additionally contain vitamins A, B and E similarly as calcium, iron, and potassium.  Physical Effects Overeating

You can take care if Popeye loved this food, you ought to be consuming it too. The vegetable contains carotenoid that facilitate stop cancer. it is also loaded with vitamins like C and A that helps with god eyesight and glowing skin. The high level of potassium makes it terribly useful for prime blood pressure patients. any it strengthens muscles and helps those tormented by anaemia. 

Depending on the range, the nutrients in lettuce vary. Romaine lettuce is alleged to be the foremost healthy one boasting of vitamins A, B, and C, folic acid, manganese and chromium. It makes for a superb salad because it is low in calories. Lettuce is additionally an honest supply of iron that helps with blood formation. It additionally has magnesium, very important for the brain and also the nerves. 

Vegetables of Spring

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Cough and Cold medicines Rational use in kids

Parents typically bring kids to doctor's clinic with acute respiratory tract infection (ARTI) with history of cough, fever, bitter throat, blocked nose, issue in feeing etc. In each developed and developing countries the incidence of ARTI per kid per year is 6-8.Cough and cold syrups are one in every of the foremost commonly used / sold medicines in India. These syrups (containing the decongestants- ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or phenylephrine, and therefore the antihistamines- diphenhydramine, brompheniramine, chlorpheniramine) are accessible each as {prescribed medication|prescription drugs|pharmaceuticals} (by prescription of doctors) and over the counter drugs (without doctor's prescription). Drops/ syrups like sinarest, cinaryl, triminic etc. are frequently brought by folks with or while not doctor's advise for his or her infants (less than one year) and kids .

Cough and cold merchandise contain ingredients like: decongestants (for unclogging a stuffy nose), expectorants (for loosening mucus in order that it is coughed up), antihistamines (for sneezing and runny nose), and antitussives (for quieting coughs). Histamine is analogous in structure to biological amines like acetylcholine,adrenaline, serotonin, etc and hence, antihistaminic interfere with these biologic amine receptors and interfere with their actions. Sedative impact and paradoxical excitement caused by their use at the side of poor clinical proof of them as effective antitussives agent in kids build them unfavourable as antitussive agent in kids. Most of the decongestants (both nasal drops and oral syrups) contain sympathomimetic medication. These medication manufacture stimulation of heart and central nervous system, constriction of blood vessels and dilatation of bronchi. Topical decongestants if used for 2-3 days may result into rebound dilatation of blood vessels in nasal mucosa resulting in stuffiness that is problematic in young kids and infants who are nose breathers. Moreover, dose of topical agents couldn't be monitored that is usually related to systemic absorption of drug and its relativeside effects(sedation or excitement of central nervous system, convulsions, tachycardia etc.). Psychic disturbances reported among kids following oral phenylpropanolamine administration embrace irritability, sleep disturbances, hallucinations, aggressiveness (particularly in younger children), and seizures. Severe hypertensive episodes are reported following phenylpropanolamine ingestion. Pseudoephedrine is comparatively safe than alternative sympathomimetic agents. in an exceedingly study of eighty one 965 prescriptions of pseudoephedrine to kids below the age of nineteen,only one hospitalization (for a seizure) that might are associated with use ofPseudoephedrine. Antihistamines are the mainstay of therapy for allergic rhinitis and therefore the resemblance between cold symptoms and symptoms of allergic rhinitis led to the utilization of antihistamines for the common cold. However, histamine isn't gift in increased concentrations in persons with higher respiratory infections. Hence, there's no rationale for his or her use within the common cold. Promethazine, an antihistamine widely used for its anti-emetic and sedative properties, has been reported to cause agitation, hallucinations, seizures, dystonic reactions, sudden infant death syndrome, and apnoea. However, the efficacy of promethazine as a sedative may lead to its misuse by folks who might ought to deal with a screaming kid. Second-generation antihistamines have fewer anticholinergic and sedative effects ,but with poor efficacy.

However, in 2008 US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has suggested against the utilization of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines in kids but 2 years elderly. FDA additionally suggested to use these medicines in kids aged 2-11 years with caution. FDA suggested to possess extreme caution in kids of any age with history of neurological disorders, seizures, hypotonia, heart disease, and in read of the chance of respiratory depression, it's suggested that a toddler below 2 years elderly mustn't be given any quite cough and cold product containing decongestants or antihistamines, while not seeking the recommendation of a healthcare supplier. In January 2008, makers voluntarily removed over-the-counter (OTC) infant (less than a pair of years of age) cough and cold merchandise from the market attributable to safety issues. But, even currently cough and cold merchandise designed for older kids are frequently prescribed by doctors and employed by folks for youngsters but a pair of years. These medicines were employed in younger kids by creating self-styled dose changes like 1/2 the dose of older kid. However, there are reports relating to serious side-effects and even deaths in kids below a pair of years attributable to accidental ingestion, unintentional overdose, or when a medicine dosing error. However, varied easy ways that is used to form folks stress free by giving relief to their very little ones.

 These recommendations are:
" A cool mist humidifier helps nasal passages shrink and permit easier respiratory (warm mist humidifiers will cause nasal passages to swell and build respiratory a lot of difficult); *Saline nose drops or spray keep nasal passages moist and helps avoid stuffiness;* Nasal suctioning with a bulb syringe either with or while not saline nose drops, works particularly well for infants but a year recent ;* Acetaminophen (paracetamol) or ibuprofen is used to scale back fever, aches and pains;*Drinking many liquids can facilitate the kid keep well hydrated.

"It is any advisable to follow the dosing directions on the label of any OTC medication for youngsters higher than a pair of years, perceive that these medication won't cure or shorten the length of the common cold, check the "Drug Facts" label to be told what active ingredients are within the merchandise as a result of several OTC cough and cold merchandise contain multiple active ingredients, and solely use measuring spoons or cups that associate with {the medicine|the medication|the medication} or those created specially for measuring drugs. If one is using over one OTC cough and cold medication to a toddler forever check whether or not they have same or similar "active ingredients,"(danger of over dose). OTC cough and cold medicines with childproof safety caps ought to be stored out of reach of kids to avoid accidental overdosing.

Health advantages of orange

Orange is thought to own many advantages and is among the foremost well-liked fruits round the world.  Oranges is had not solely as a snack however conjointly as a significant recipe ingredient in numerous dishes. today orange juice is an integral a part of a healthy breakfast therefore promoting a healthy begin to the day. they are mainly accessible in 2 classes - sweet and bitter, with the previous being the kind most typically consumed. Generally an orange ought to have smoothly textured skin and be firm and significant for its size. These can have higher juice content than people who are either spongy or lighter in weight. 

 Oranges are a superb supply of vitamin C. One orange provides 116.2 per cent of the daily price for vitamin C. smart intake of vitamin C is related to a reduced risk of colon cancer because it helps to urge of free radicals that cause injury to our DNA.  Vitamin C, that is additionally very important for the correct operate of a healthy immune system, is sweet for preventing colds and preventing recurrent ear infections.  Anti-oxidants in oranges facilitate shield skin from free radical injury known to cause signs of aging. An orange daily will assist you look young even at 50!  Oranges, being made in Vitamins B6, facilitate support the assembly of haemoglobin and conjointly facilitate keep blood pressure beneath check thanks to the presence of magnesium.  per a study by US and Canadian researchers, a category of compounds found in citrus fruit peels known as Polymethoxylated Flavones (PMFs) have the potential to lower cholesterol additional effectively than some pharmaceuticals while not aspect effects. 

 Fibre in oranges facilitate by keeping blood sugar levels beneath management thereby creating oranges a healthy snack for individuals with diabetes. The natural fruit sugar in oranges, fructose, will facilitate keep blood sugar levels from rising too high when eating.  Consuming foods made in beta-cryptoxanthin, an orange-red carotenoid found in highest amounts in oranges, corn and pumpkin might considerably lower one's risk of developing lung cancer.  Oranges like most citrus fruits, manufacture additional juice when hotter - juice them after they are at space temperature. Rolling the orange beneath the palm of your hand on a flat surface will facilitate to extract additional juice. Vitamin C gets destroyed quick when exposed to air, thus eat an orange quickly once chop up.

10 Exercises to burn two hundred calories daily

There is nothing higher than being in nice physical form. You look engaging to yourself, and to your partner, to not mention how you illumine each party. So look 
and feel on high of the globe by making an attempt out these exercises which can assist you burn a minimum of two hundred calories daily. 

 Qigong:  These exercises involve numerous breath management techniques, meditation and relaxation. it's the same as pranayama. whereas doing Qigong, the practitioner spends little energy, however at the tip of a session there's profuse perspiration, very little elevation in blood pressure, however increased levels of energy. 

 Budokon:  If you fancy yoga however also are in love with the high-intensity kickboxing category across the hall, attempt a fusion category like Budokon (bu-do-kon) and find hip with the Hollywood crowd. 

 Spinning: this is often a comparatively new phenomenon, that is performed on a specialised cycling machine. The categories occur during a fitness studio with specialised lights and music that make an upbeat atmosphere. 

 Aerobics: a good kind of exercise to quick paced racy music causes you to lose enough calories. whether or not it's for forty five minutes daily or each 3 days, there is one thing about aerobics that may bring a smile on your face. 

 Yoga: whether or not it's power yoga, creative or ashtanga yoga, the lightness of body, serenity and bliss you're feeling can keep you hooked for ever. you'll never need to try out another kind of exercise ever. 

 Hooping:  A kind of aerobic exercise, it uses the hula hoop and has moved from being a toy to being a dance and exercise aid. It is fun, childlike, and meditative, 
all of that build it smart for the spirit. 

 Walking: twenty minutes of brisk walking everyday can confirm you do not placed on an oz. of weight. it'll keep you in such nice form that you simply would not ever feel the need to travel on a diet! 

 Dance: the simplest kind of exercise, it helps you lose many weight with the exception of keeping you lithe! US analysis shows that a lively dance category will burn as several calories as a gym workout. Calories danced away per hour: Ballroom: 180-480; Belly dancing: 180-300; Jive/swing dance: 250-400 Salsa: four hundred. 

 Jump rope:  Single-rope freestyle jump roping is one sport that's increasingly turning into famous among fitness freaks, each as a competitive activity and how to 
increase strength, balance and cardio-respiratory endurance. 

 Aero boxing:  The workout involves a mixture of aerobic exercises with boxing techniques and has been formulated for the primary time to assist individuals keep match.

Sperms are vital

Taking care of your family jewels can make sure that when the proper time comes, you do not hearth blanks  Statistics show that of around fifteen % couples that suffer from infertility, nearly [*fr1] is because of male infertility. per Dr Hrishikesh Pai, Gynaecologist and Infertility specialist, Lilavati Hospital, "We invariably cite the biological clock for girls. however with men post 40s, sperm DNA fragmentation happens and also the sperm's possibilities of inflicting a pregnancy reduces. In fact, today, even men in their 30s typically expertise sperm health issues. those who place their careers over family planning have to be compelled to consider these problems." the planet Health Organisation's tips specify the traditional, healthy sperm count to be twenty million sperm per milliliter in an exceedingly total semen volume of 2 ml. Pai notes how overtime, sperm counts have gone down across the planet. "A decade or 2 ago, 40-50 million was the traditional sperm count. However, WHO has modified the definition of what's 'normal' and has brought it all the way down to twenty million. Urban-influenced lifestyles in conjunction with food, water and milk contamination have adversely affected sperm health over the years," he says.

Sperm theory Dr Pai says, a sperms health is assessed beneath numerous heads; sperm count (numbers), motility (movement), morphology (sperm form and structure) and volume (total volume of ejaculate), among others. "Your lifestyle is essential. If your work atmosphere is very hot or if you're exposed to toxins, like say, in an exceedingly chemical factory, it will cause a drop in your sperm count," says Pai. What might also lower it are long, steamy baths, saunas and spending over half-hour in an exceedingly water tub that is forty degree celsius or on top of. Sexpert Dr Mahinder Watsa advises, "Riding the bicycle for too long could rise your scrotal temperature and have an effect on sperm production. Stop for frequent rests whereas biking. because the scrotum invariably must be some of degrees below the body temperature, it's higher to ditch tight underwear and select loose cotton ones." therefore boxer shorts don't seem to be simply attractive, they provide additional air there too. Also, things will get steamy down there because of prolonged sitting at work and using laptops on your lap. to remain safe, it is best to induce a semen analysis take a look at done from a non-public laboratory in order that bound lifestyle changes will be created to enhance your sperm health over time, says Dr Pai.

 Dr Arun Patil, founding father of the sperm bank Medilabs, says that of the a hundred donors who approach them, ninety to ninety five are rejected on numerous criteria. "We make sure that the donor is between twenty and thirty years older, single, has undergone school education to confirm a definite IQ and does not smoke, drink alcohol, chew gutkha or do medication. This is because these factors and a couple of tests make sure that the standard is optimum." Frequent sex conjointly ensures optimum sperm quality because it permits contemporary sperm to exchange the old. an excessive amount of sex though could cut sperm numbers by an excessive amount of. each day or two's gap between sex works wonders for sperm quality and density.

Road to improvement  Zinc, that is gift in bananas, oysters and almonds, aids testosterone synthesis and will increase sperm numbers, motility and volume. Nutritionists say foods with high content of vitamin A (carrots, milk, cheese, eggs), vitamin C (oranges, strawberries, broccoli) and vitamin E (peanuts, spinach, almonds, hazelnuts) optimise sperm health. Selenium-rich foods like garlic and Lycopene-rich foods like tomatoes and watermelon facilitate stop oxidative injury to sperms.
Tips to stay a soaring count 
 - Oranges, inexperienced tea and pineapples are known to lower sperm acidity

 - Avoid frequent ejaculation or masturbation, prohibit it to thrice per week

 - Detox your body and have lots of water and fruits for optimum growth

 - Destressing with yoga or meditation will greatly facilitate quality » Stop smoking. This hampers each count and motility.

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5 Types of condoms for great sex

It's a lot of fun to choose the right condom before a steamy love making session. Today there are many varieties of condoms available in the market, from flavoured 

condoms to dotted condoms. It's always safe and feels good to wear condom while having sex.

If you are not on a baby-making mission and want to arouse and stimulate your partner like never before, we list down 5 varieties of condoms for great sex.

1. Flavoured condoms
Such condoms are best for oral sex. They are available in a wide range of flavours such as chocolate, coffee, strawberry, mint, vanilla and many more. If you are using 

it for vaginal or anal sex, always make sure they are sugar-free in order to avoid yeast infection.

2. Dotted condoms
If you want that extra pleasure this is the right condom for you. Textured or studded condoms are meant for increasing pleasure for both the partners. These condoms 

have slight bumps that run through the length of the condom on both the sides.

3. Super thin condoms 
If you want to use a condom and still get the same kick as condom-free sex, this one will suit you fine. This type of condom is transparent with a thin layer made of 

sheerlon material that acts like a second skin. It is highly effective against pregnancy and STDs.

4. Pleasure-shaped condoms
This type of condom heightens sensitivity for both the partners. It has loose and enlarged tip.

5. Glow in the dark condoms 
If you want to experience kinky sex, this is the right choice. When exposed to light for 30 seconds, it glows in the dark. It is non-toxic and has three layers. The 

inner and the outermost layers are made up of latex and the middle one contains a safe pigment that makes it glow.

Even with condoms one needs to take precautions. So, next time you are buying one don't forget to check the label if it is FDA approved for use against unplanned 

pregnancy and STDs.

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Herbal Baths

A few simple ideas to help you relax after a long, stressful day. Easy to do and well worth the wait.

It’s a great feeling to get home and have a long, hot bath after a day of work, yet by adding the odd herbs to our baths we could be benefitting from them even more.  Most people buy bubble baths and scented candles but none of that is really needed, all you have to do is grab a few herbs and you can have the bath of your choice.

If you are feeling stressed and really need something to help you relax then try my favourite stress release recipe.  Add a little lemon balm, kava kava, chamomile and 10-20 drops of frankincense oil.  This smells divine and helps the body and mind to relax.  An alternative is to add several drops of lavender into your bath when the water is running.  Stir the water to help blend it together and feel the full benefits.

If you want a bath to help your troubled skin while you simple relax try adding ¼ of a cup of dried thyme and ¼ of a cup of dried calendula blossoms to boiling water then simple pour under the tap like you would a bubble bath.  Make sure all the herbs you use as fresh for maximum effect.  This can help reduce irritations such as rashes and is a great summery smelling bath.

  Different herbs do different things for our bodies.  To really wake yourself in the morning you could try using stimulating bath oil in a cooler bath.  The following recipe can help circulation and also in doing this help you beat that cellulite.  Add a mixture of1/2 cup of carrier oil, 5 drops of peppermint, and 3 drops of pine and 5 drops of rosemary to your bath.  For an extra little kick after you have added the mixture simple turn the hot tap on and stir the bath water around then enjoy.  This bath soak can also be applied straight to the skin as a body lotion after you have cleansed properly.

Finally if you have aches and pains from all that hard work try the following mixture of bath salts and herbs to really help them muscles relax.  Start by mixing 12 drops of chamomile, 8drops of rosemary and 5 drops of thyme together.  Add these to the bath when the water is running.  Next add some bath salts too, you can use scented or plain it doesn’t really make a difference and they can all be bought in your local health shop.  Once the bath is full a soak in this mix will help relief any pains you have and release any aches.

There are loads more different ideas for all kinds of different benefits so whatever you are looking for there is a recipe out there for you.  By making these bath soaks yourself you can save on pennies while enjoying a long, relaxing soak.  Why not experiment with all kind of herbs until you find the one you want.

Care Vagina with Meditation

Back to the matter of meditation. In this case I mean if breathing. Again the crucial element is the concentration of the mind and visualization.

 With meditation through breathing regularly if you are able to maintain muscle elasticity of your vagina. Remember, in the science of motivation is well-known adage that what you believe and what you think then that you are, that’s what will happen.

Practically speaking, though breathing meditation to your vagina maintainability thus:

 1. Take a quiet time, such as your bedtime and upon awakening.

 2. Sitting cross-legged in a relaxed manner.

 3. Inhale slowly through your nose in 4 or 5 count. If you’ve used the breathing in 8 to 10 count. Imagine, intended or affirm in your mind that you are inhaling positive energy of the universe.

 4. Hold your breath in a matter similar to when you were breathing air. Use abdominal breathing as much as possible, so that the air storage but not in the chest cavity in the abdominal cavity. Affirm in your mind that you are channeling positive energy to the organs of your vagina. When this position yourself as the person to hold urine. Feel that your vaginal muscles tightened and tightened.
Read more in Alternative

 5. Dispose of the air you breath through your mouth quickly. Affirm that you are dumping the weakness and negative sides of you.

 Do a meditation on a regular breathing though, then you will get maximum results.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Function of Vitamins

Vitamin A
It functions for growth, vision and healthy skin and hair.Merophtalmia can also prevent disease, the disease dryness of the lining of the eye tissue of this vitamin found in milk, butter, eggs, liver, green vegetables and yellow.
Vitamin B1
Function to the nervous system and heart function. Vitamin B1 deficiency can lead to symptoms of loss of appetite, difficult defecation, sleeplessness and restlessness. This vitamin can also prevent the disease beriberi. This vitamin is found in rice, flour, fish, lean meat, liver, milk and chicken.
Vitamin B2
Serves to maintain healthy skin and help the growth of body tissues.Can prevent eye sensitivity to light. This vitamin is found in rice, wheat, green leafy vegetables, non-cholesterol beef liver, dried yeast, milk and eggs.
Vitamin B6
Serves to maintain healthy teeth and gums, as well as to increase the red blood cells and nervous system. This vitamin is found in rice, wheat, vegetables, dried yeast, meat and bananas.
Vitamin B12
Serves to keep the disease anemia and helps maintain healthy nervous system and can help a good growth in children. This vitamin is found in all animal flesh, liver, spleen, milk, fish and dried fish.
Vitamin C
Function for healthy teeth and bones. Also useful to help the body’s cells and blood vessels. Prevent scurvy. This vitamin is found in fruits and all the sour juice of green vegetables and potatoes.
Vitamin D
Serves for the formation of bones and teeth. Helping to change the calcium and phosphorus in the body. Prevent disease rachitis. This vitamin is found in milk, fish oil, salmon, tuna and egg yolks.
Vitamin E
Serves to prevent formation of blood and excess fatty acids. This vitamin is found in vegetable oils, wheat, rice and salad.
Vitamin Bc
Serves to prevent some forms of anemia and vitamin helps the workings of the gut is contained in green leafy vegetables, yeast food and meat.
Vitamin B3
Functions to help convert food into energy. Nervous system helps prevent loss of appetite. Prevent the disease pellagra disease eat less. This vitamin are rice, flour, eggs, non-cholesterol meat, liver and dried yeast.
Vitamin H
Serves to help the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fat.This vitamin is found in egg yolk, green vegetables, milk, liver and kidneys.
Vitamin B5
Function in the body to digest carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This vitamin is found in all foods from plants and meat.

10 Reasons Why Alcohol Should Stay in

Alcohol can come from anywhere, but the most popular present in wine, beer or other liquor. There are 10 reasons why it should be shunned alcohol.

Alcoholic beverages can indeed be good for health such as warm in the cold air. But a lot happens to excess alcohol consumption to the benefit is lost.

No matter what age a person, alcohol can cause serious impact on health and himself.

Quoted from Livestrong, Friday (22/10/2010) There are 10 reasons why alcohol beverage worthy shunned, namely:

1. Addiction
Addiction is one of the most visible effect when someone is using alcohol in the long term. This means that a person should drink more before drinking or to be able to feel more relaxed.

2. Withdrawal symptoms (withdrawal)
A person will experience withdrawal symptoms (withdrawal) when trying to stop drinking abruptly or when you wake up the next day.These symptoms include anxiety, nausea, vomiting, irritability, loss of appetite and feeling shaky.

3. Heart disease
According to the University of Maryland Medical Center alcohol use can cause chronic liver disease, such as fatty liver (more than 90 percent alcohol), as well as alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis which can lead to liver failure.

4. Result in a crash
Alcohol can disrupt a person’s ability to drive and slow down the thinking process. Combined these conditions cause a person had an accident after drinking alcohol.

5. Malicious behavior
Alcohol can reduce the inhibitory capacity of natural persons, so that people who get drunk often do dangerous things without realizing it, such as having sex without using condoms or crossing the road carelessly.

6. Negative effects of a relationship
Consuming alcohol is not only an effect on ourselves, but also the people around him like a child. Because of domestic violence often occurs in people who abuse alcohol and children may suffer long-term trauma caused by the parents’ drinking habits.

7. Depression
In the short term alcohol can provide relaxation, but unwittingly rubbing alcohol can contribute to the development of depression.About 40 percent of heavy drinkers showed signs of depression.

8. Losing a job
The more often a person drinks alcohol, the more diminished responsibility, including his thoughts on the job. This lowers the productivity of work and will lead to unemployment.

9. Trigger legal issues
Consuming alcohol can lead to legal problems, such as the arrest due to disorderly conduct or driving under the influence of alcohol.

10. Ignoring his own personal hygiene
A person who consumed alcohol over time will ignore cleanliness itself, such as wearing the same clothes over and over, rarely bathe or forget to brush your teeth. Because that is in the minds of people are just alcohol and stop thinking about other things.

How to Cure Tooth Decay

Many people think a major cause of tooth decay due to eating sweets, eat or drink that is sweet. Disease without being aware of cavities / decay can also be contracted from other people who suffer from dental cavities through saliva / saliva, and can also be infected when kissing or through eating utensils such as spoons, cups.Because there are cavities in the teeth of bacteria called Streptococcus mutans, such as when a person who experienced coughs pilik and easy way to catch it with others. Therefore, pay attention to who the person close to you, in the sense examine in a friendship if you love the health. Not mean to be picky friends

In addition due to contracting of people who suffer from dental cavities, food and drink the sweet, tooth decay may also arise for dental hygiene, as food scraps left behind will produce amino acids and bacteria meet and will lead to tooth has a cavity, if the teeth are not cleaned or brushed properly it will lead to the decay / cavities.And this is can lead to heart disease, kidney, lung, and other diseases. This happens because the bacteria in cavities go through the bloodstream.

In order not to get worse, you should visit the dentist and put through the treatment of dental cavities, because cavities will not be able to heal itself. In addition to medical treatment, cavities can also be treated premises in a natural way. The trick is to use a betel leaf.How to process are as follows:

Take one betel leaves.
Method 1: boiled with 2 cups water to boil
How to use: After the cold is used to rinse, repeated regularly until healed.
· Take two pieces of crushed betel leaf, salt 0.5 tablespoons

 Method 2: brewed with 1 cup hot water, stirring until the salt dissolves, let it cool
 How to use: Used to rinse his mouth.
· Betel leaves can also be eaten or chewed dikunyak get yourself right in the hollow tooth.

Health Benefits of Rice

Regular rice is much maligned and is fast being dropped in favour of its unpolished avatar. But are the charges valid? Sports nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar separates the grain from the husk 

The Chinese eat rice with every meal, breakfast included, and the average Chinese on the street is thin, if not skinny. In our country, however, we are getting skeptical about rice and yes, we are all getting fatter. We either give up rice or replace it with wheat or 'brown' rice. What is wrong with this approach? 

Replacing rice with wheat is not a good idea since it means reducing your intake of amino acids (protein's building blocks) and Vitamin B. As for brown rice, it has the outer layer (husk and bran) intact thereby making it high in fibre. Now of course we want fibre but if your rice has more fibre than you can digest, brown rice will only cause indigestion. On the other hand, rice that emits blinding whiteness may not be the best source of nutrients either. 

Thus, to get the best of both worlds, polish your rice to the extent that helps it retain its nutrients (proteins, Vitamin B and fibre) and looks brownish or reddish. Remove the outer bran but allow the rice grain to show off its brown/red strains. Don't worry, this won't compromise the taste and yes, you can eat basmati rice with the brown/red strains as well. 

The protein in this rice (red-rice or hand-polished rice) is absorbed much better by your body than in brown rice. It is also way easier to cook and digest as compared to brown rice. It is easy to digest, easy to absorb, easy to assimilate proteins from and easier on your excretory system too. This is exactly how the farming community of India eats its rice. 

In fact, Ayurveda uses ricebased diets in treating various imbalances in the body. Dal-chawal is a nutritious meal, possessing the entire spectrum of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It also accelerates fat burning. In fact, the essential amino acid methionine found pre-dominantly in rice helps mobilize fat from the liver. As India is dominantly vegetarian, getting proteins from rice, especially the essential amino acid methionine and the conditionally essential amino acid (becomes essential under conditions of stress) tyrosine is crucial for us. Diabetics should also eat rice since they need these proteins. 

Know that rice is not a bad thing. The bad thing is when we mindlessly decide if one thing is good for us and that if we do it a lot, it becomes only better. We do that with rice so often now. A humble dalchawal meal is so satiating that it makes you eat slower and improves your chances of eating the right amount (the cornerstones of fat loss or accelerated metabolism, good digestion and health itself). 

Rice is auspicious in both China and India: the dead are offered rice to wish them good health for life outside their physical selves. It is sad then, that in India, even when we are still in our bodies, we make fads out of rice. 

Family history influences Diabetes

Quite often when a person with newly detected Diabetes is asked whether he has a parent or other family member suffering from Diabetes, the answer invariably put forward is "Doc, I do have a brother who is a diabetic but he is settled abroad and we have not lived together for the last 20 years."

The point to be clarified is that family history of diabetes is not obtained to find out whether diabetes has been communicated by another family member because diabetes is not an infection or communicable disease which can be transmitted from one individual to another. On the other hand, family history of diabetes is obtained because Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus tends to run in families with an inherent or genetic preponderance which makes individuals with a positive family history more prone to develop diabetes.

In the case of a positive family history also, there is however another important aspect often less understood. Many a time, while giving positive family history of diabetes, a newly detected Diabetic hastens to add, "Doc, my father also had diabetes but he got it only at the age of 60. So, how is it that I have got it at the age of 40 itself?" The answer is that the father's lifestyle, eating habits, level of physical activity, level of stress etc were different from those of the son. And there lies the catch!

Family history of Diabetes, particularly in parents or siblings, does increase the risk to develop it. But …. maintainence of optimum body weight, judicious dietary habits, adequate level of physical activity, freedom from stress and overall discipline in life can help an individual to avoid or delay onset of Diabetes despite a positive family history.

Younger Age of Onset
Diabetics with a diabetic parent are found to be both younger and also younger at the time of diagnosis. Furthermore, the observation is that, on an average, diabetes becomes evident about 6 years earlier in presence of parental Diabetes than in case of Diabetics who have no diabetic relative. Some scholars believe that age of diabetes onset could be genetically determined.

Various studies, however, donot point out any significant difference in the prevalence of chronic diabetic complications in diabetics with a family history of diabetes visavis diabetics with no family history. This indicates that individually acquired factors could be more relevant than family history in determining a diabetic's vulnerability to develop diabetic complications.

Peculiar Characteristics
Interestingly, young adult offsprings of diabetic parents are often found to be significantly more obese than those of non-diabetic parents. 

In a nutshell, as far as the influence of family history of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is concerned, the genetic component seems relevant from an early age whereas environmental factors seem to become more relevant at later stages.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Best fruits for your skin and hair

No matter which beauty product rules the market, a fact that nobody can deny, is that fruits are nature's most valuable beauty enhancers. And what's more, they are inexpensive too. Now, you need not wonder what to do to get that awesome glow on your skin or add some lustre to your hair. Here's a ready-reckoner for you: 

Rich in potassium and vitamins A, C and E, bananas are ideal for skin and hair (they help restore dull and damaged hair). While vitamin A restores natural oils of the skin, vitamin E repairs damaged skin and lightens age spots. Vitamin C, on the other hand, prevents cell oxidation and wrinkles. 

They have been used as a beauty aid for decades. A cup of apple juice added to your bath will cleanse and smoothen your skin. Apple juice applied to your scalp helps prevent dandruff. A final rinse of your hair with apple juice after shampooing brings about an added shine. Apples are also a good conditioner and toner, and help fight acne. 

A great skin emollient, pineapples help rejuvenate and cleanse the skin. Rubbing a slice of pineapple on spots like knees, elbows and heels helps soften the skin. It can also act as a loofah or sponge while taking a shower. 

Lemons are known for their 'skin and hair' cleansing properties. Dandruff can be prevented by rubbing lemon on the scalp. Adding two teaspoons of lemon juice in your bath not only deodourises the body but also keeps it fresh. Lemon rinds, when rubbed on scars, acne or dark spots, helps heal them. Rub lemon slices on rough areas of heels and elbows to soften them. 

Rich in vitamin A and enzymes, papayas act as a great exfoliator. Mashed papaya, when applied to the face, helps get rid of dead skin and gives your face that glow. 

This fruit is best for dry skin. A combination of peach paste and yogurt, when applied to the skin and rinsed off with lukewarm water not only moisturises the skin but also leaves it supple and soft. Gorging on these yummy fruits is not enough, applying them on the skin and hair helps a lot as well. So, the next time you lunge at that favourite fruit of yours, look beyond its culinary value, for you'd be surprised at its cosmetic benefits. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Foods that keep you hydrated

You're supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day but how many of us actually do that? Here are some ways you can eat your water content and deliciously hydrate your body by eating certain foods 

 When you exercise or workout, you usually tend to lose a lot of water through sweat leading to your electrolyte levels going below normal. A wise move for replenishing your hydration levels is to drink electrolyte-rich fresh juices and eat hydration-promoting foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Also, drinking too much water can actually cause a critical loss of vitamins and minerals as they get whooshed out of the body with every trip to the bathroom. When you start 'eating' water, you don't need to count your glasses. You can replace at least one glass of water a day with one serving of raw fruits or vegetables and you will be able to stay hydrated significantly longer. Moreover, you'll get the added boost of fiber, antioxidants and other health-promoting phytonutrients. In fact, by sticking to a healthy diet, you'll end up 'eating' most of the water needed each day to stay hydrated. 

Hydrating foods to eat every day 

 Our body is constantly replacing damaged cells, so it is imperative that we eat and drink to promote our cellular health. The best way to do this is to keep the body flooded with cell-protecting antioxidants and the building blocks of stronger cell membranes. Here are foods that contain high levels of nutrients and 'structured water'. 

 If your skin frequently feels parched, just eat a mango! Mangoes are bursting with vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A. Vitamin A normalises the production and life cycle of skin cells. Mangoes also improve your skin if you suffer from acne. In skin with acne, there is an overproduction of cells in the stratum corneum, which is the outermost layer of the skin and is composed of biologically 'dead' cells. These excess dead cells combine with sebum (the skin's own natural oil) to form comedones - the pore plugs that are the defining element of acne. Taken as a dietary supplement, vitamin A helps to prevent overproduction of skin cells in the stratum corneum. You can add 3 to 4 slices of mango to every meal as a refreshing and hydrating naturally sweet treat. 

Pomegranates are a wonderfully hydrating source of antioxidants. They may be the world's most prolific source of polyphenols. The unique combination of elements in pomegranates increases the protective abilities of sunscreens, which can help prevent sun damage. Add pomegranates to your morning cereal or yogurt, fresh green or fruit salads for a refreshing snack or breakfast. 

 The buttery-fleshed avocado may not seem like a hydrating food, but these healthy gems replenish potassium and contain healthy fats and fiber, which help your body hold on to water. As a bonus, the monosaturated fats in avocados contain oleic acid, which has been found to improve fat levels in the body and help control diabetes and cholesterol. Layer your sandwiches with avocado slices, toss diced avocado into your salads or simply scoop avocado out of its peel as a snack. 

 Not only are cucumbers delightfully crunchy and low in calories, they are composed mostly of water, which will keep you feeling hydrated longer. In addition, cucumbers are an excellent source of silica, a trace mineral that contributes to the strength of connective tissue. Do not peel the cucumber skin! It is a good source of vitamins A, C and folic acid. You can add diced cucumber to green and grain salads or fan sliced cucumber on the side of your plate as a refreshing side dish. You can also cut cucumber into batons for an afternoon snack. 

 Your mom was right when she said to eat your greens. Broccoli and other green foods, such as spinach, are a great source of alpha lipoic acid which is a potent fat- and water-soluble antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. Toss raw broccoli into your salads or simply snack on this hardy vegetable all by itself.